RAID technology is a great feature for Lotus Notes. It safeguards data in the event of a hard drive failure. It incorporates multiple hard disk drives into a single file system, and employs fail-tolerance in the event of a single drive failing. It’s especially useful for companies which have multiple hard drives and need to ensure their information is always accessible.

A typical raid setup consists of two or three hard disks. Each disk has its data path. It also contains a transaction log which is often divided into smaller files, referred to as log extents. These files are usually 64MB in size. The transaction log is supervised by the Notes Machine.

Raid has been around for decades and is a crucial component of most datacenter systems. It’s not completely reliable. If more than one hard drive fails, the whole system could become inoperable.

Despite its flaws it is still employed by some organizations to secure their most important data. The latest versions of RAID, such as erasure codes, are more effective than ever before in securing the data from destruction and provide higher performance. They do cost more than traditional solutions.

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